The mission of the Forrest Research Foundation is to create a world-leading collaborative centre of research and scholarship in Western Australia

The Foundation will ultimately support almost 50 PhD scholars and a dozen postdoctoral fellows who will bring their talents and creativity from around the world to Western Australia to conduct groundbreaking research.


The Forrest Scholarship program supports scholars as they develop their potential to address the world’s most pressing problems

Forrest Research Foundation Scholarships are available for outstanding international and Australian students who wish to study towards a PhD at one of five Western Australian universities.

Applications for the next round of PhD Scholarships will open on 2 August 2021.

scholar in front of a blue screen

I have always been driven by a child-like curiosity to understand the world around me, complemented by a conviction that it is our duty to apply the knowledge gained for the betterment of humanity.

Grace Goh | Awarded scholarship in 2015 | Studying at UWA


Forrest Fellows will help drive research and innovation capacity in Western Australia

Forrest Fellows are outstanding researchers of exceptional ability and resourcefulness, having the highest calibre of academic achievements and with the potential to make a difference in the world.

I chose to research Ptilotus because it was a large, interesting genera in the amaranth family that had not been studied using modern systematics approaches, and there were many potential projects to do on it.

Tim Hammer | Awarded scholarship in 2015 | Studying at UWA

Forrest Hall

Forrest Hall is a state-of-the-art accommodation facility designed with the purpose of attracting and inspiring top scholars in their academic pursuits.


Deep-sea sponges set to inspire future construction designs

A group of international researchers has shown that the unique skeletal structure of a deep-sea sponge can inspire the design of future skyscrapers.
Marcus Korb on a Perth hiking trail

Iron awe. How Dr Marcus Korb’s work in developing iron catalysts for materials, medicines and more could change the way we use base metals

“Going to primary school where your grandfather is the head of the school had its good side and bad side,” says Dr Marcus Korb with a touch of irony.

Eight early-career researchers awarded Prospect Fellowships

The Forrest Foundation has awarded eight Prospect Fellowships…

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