Forrest Fellows

The next round of Forrest Research Fellowship applications will open in 2018.

What you need to know


To be eligible to apply applicants must be in their final year of PhD or no more than two (2) years post PhD conferral.

Applicants must reside at Forrest Hall for the duration of the Fellowship.

Applicants must be intending to meet the requirements of a Forrest Fellow including mentoring of Forrest Scholars, ambassadorial duties for the Forrest Research Foundation and in providing leadership within Forrest Hall.

Applicants must meet employment eligibility conditions at the nominated university.

Selection Criteria

Applications will be assessed by the Forrest Research Foundation Selection Committee on the basis of each applicant's:


The Forrest Research Foundation will provide funding for:

Forrest Fellows will provide up to 1 day per week to advance the general mission of the Forrest Research Foundation including providing mentoring, ambassadorial and leadership to Forrest Scholars, Forrest Hall and the Forrest Research Foundation.

Appointments at Level B will be considered if supported by the employing university.

Research fields

Researchers from all disciplines are eligible to apply.

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